“Courage is having fear and hanging on a few seconds longer.” Patrick Dean

One of the ways you can tell you are working with a leader is their willingness to take risks.  Leaders are risk takers.  Read that last sentence again to be sure that you saw the word “risk” and not the word “reckless” as there is a huge difference.

Being reckless involves undertaking actions without thinking or caring about the consequences.  True leadership involves being aware of the risks, and carefully considering the impact it has on others not just the leader.  It doesn’t take courage to be reckless.

Ask yourself when was the last time you required courage to take a risk?  Not sure what I mean?  Let me change the question.  When was the last time you experienced the same level of anxiety or apprehension that some people feel when they have to give a speech in front of the classroom, or audition for a part in a play?

More people fear public speaking than death.  So the next time you feel that level of anxiety realize that your leadership moment may be at hand.  This is the time to “know” fear and have courage anyway.

Mr. Mike Walsh

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