Myth #1: Leaders Are Born, Not Made

I know this is supposed to be a series of tips.  I promise to get there.  For now I want to ask you a question.  If you were asked to create an all-star leadership team based on the people who you know personally, who would you choose for the team and why?  Would you include yourself?


Sometimes I’ll ask people in a group to choose a leader by pointing the leader while remaining in silence.  Very seldom does someone point to himself or herself.  Why not?  Instead of offering you a list of reasons why people choose the way they do, let’s go back to that all-star team.


Chances are there is something about them and the way they behave that makes you feel they are all-star material.  Whatever you see in them, it had little to do with them being born that way.  Imagine someone saying that a college professor was born that way.


Here’s a truth.  College professors are born with certain tools and talents that they discovered at some point in their life.  Then they worked to develop that talent.  Leadership works the same way.  Everyone is born with certain tools and talents perfect for leadership.  The difference is leaders develop those talents.  So here’s the tip.  Start where you are, doing what you can, with what you have to make a difference.  Welcome to the all-star team.


Mr. Mike Walsh

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