“Just Do It” Nike


I’m sure you already recognize the above world famous slogan from shoe giant Nike.  But did you know that it serves two purposes.  Of course the first purpose is to get you to think of their shoes.  The other purpose is to give you advice.  Instead of questioning whether or not you should attempt a sport or exercise, Nike wants you to follow their advice and stop procrastinating.  Just do it.  That hopefully will lead back to purpose #1.


What does that have to do with leadership?  Leadership can be as simple as following your own advice.  It’s not about barking orders and making others do anything.  It’s about serving others by being an example of someone that they would want to follow.


Here’s your tip for the day.  Take the next five minutes and jot down three short pieces of advice, not to someone else, but to yourself for how you can be an example for others.  Go ahead and write it down.  That’s right.  Just do it.

Mr. Mike Walsh

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