“To lead people you have to love people.

To save people you have to serve people.” Tavis Smiley


After leading a very unscientific survey over the past 20 years, I have come to a very challenging conclusion.  There are a lot of confused leaders out there.  I am surprised at how often I still meet people that have the belief that leadership is the ability to get people to do something that the leader wants them to do.


Really…?  How exciting does that sound to you if you are the follower?  I don’t know that I can truly say that I ever felt motivated by someone using his or her leadership position to get me to do something that I wasn’t excited about doing.  Yes I have done work that someone else wanted done.  And I was not motivated.  I tended to be a willing participant.


My tip to you is simple.  If you truly want to motivate and inspire others, then start by asking them what you can do to serve them.  Some of the greatest leaders in history have inspired entire nations of people to act because they were willing to serve instead of demand.  If you want to save people, start by serving people.


Mr. Mike Walsh

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