“The full glory of the hokey pokey is to put your whole self in.”
Charlie Peacock

I will be honest. I don’t really remember much about the hokey pokey as a kid. What I do remember about the hokey pokey, and red light green light, and building forts out of blankets is that I took all of those activities as the serious work of a kid.


When I was small child my best friend Jonathan Green lived two doors away from my house. He and I would engage in touch football battles on many days. In those games I represented the Miami Dolphins and he represented the Dallas Cowboys. Anyone listening or watching would have thought those entire teams were present on his lawn with us two nine year olds. We were all in.


Leadership works the same way. You can’t “sorta, kinda” be in as a leader. Once you decide to accept your leadership opportunities as they present themselves, you will never be the same. At that moment you are all in. It is a life long process and it will be filled with difficult times and wonderful memories. If you’re reading this Jonathan, thanks for being a great friend when times were difficult and creating memories I still cherish.

Mr. Mike Walsh

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