Year: 2016

Newsroom Simulation

Our Journalism Film & Media Arts students took on the newsroom yesterday evening in our Newsroom Simulation activity! Check out the photos here […]

Lab #2 Crime Scene PCR

August 2, 2016

Our Engineering students designed and built wind turbines this afternoon — all in less than 2 hours! Follow along with all of the […]

Medical Implications of Survivalism (Medical Simulation)

Our Medicine & Health Care students got a taste of how to treat patients with injuries “in the wild” this afternoon. Check out […]


Our Engineering students participated in “Engineering Rotations” this morning, learning all about the different fields of engineering! Check out the photos on our […]

48 Second Film Festival

August 1, 2016

Our Biotechnology students participated in a Science Expo this evening, and they can’t wait to share the cool experiments they learned tonight with […]

Intel Museum

This afternoon, our Engineering students visited the Intel Museum! Check out some of the TA group photos from the facility visit here on […]

Clinical Diagnostic Simulation (Session 1)

Our Medicine & Health Care students are preparing to diagnose their patients and offer medical advice this morning! Check out more photos here […]

CAD Series Introduction

Our Biotechnology students got their first taste of CAD software tonight! View the photos here on Flickr.