Year: 2017

Ryan Panchadsaram, Former Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States

#NSLCBUSI hears from @rypan on collaboration and forging a career in #business — NSLC at UCB (@NSLCatUCB) June 23, 2017

Drilling into Skulls

Drilling into skulls!! 💀#NSLCHeal — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) June 23, 2017

Engineering Rotations — UCB NSLC Engineering (@UCB_NSLC_ENGN) June 22, 2017 #NSLCENGN work on creating water filters! — UCB NSLC Engineering (@UCB_NSLC_ENGN) June 22, […]

Surgical Rotations

It’s a beautiful morning to save lives #NSLCHEALUCB — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) June 23, 2017

Ropes Challenge Course, Session 1

Conquered that high ropes course #Berkeley #NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) June 22, 2017 We had perfect weather to learn more about […]

San Francisco General Hospital Visit and Fisherman’s Wharf

Students at SFGH searching for breathe sounds and getting some hands on experience! #NSLCHeal — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) June 22, […]

Skill Development Rotations

Today our Engineering students are simulating a particle accelerator! #NSLC #NSLCENGN — NSLC at Yale (@NSLCatYale) June 22, 2017 Students meet in […]

Gladstone Institute Visit and Pier 39

Students listening in at Gladstone #genetherapy #NSLCHEAL — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) June 21, 2017 Check out #NSLCHeal students learning about […]

Ropes Course 2017, Session 1

#NSLCENGN having a blast and displaying some great team work at the ropes course today! — UCB NSLC Engineering (@UCB_NSLC_ENGN) June 21, […]

AT&T Park Visit

On the field at AT&T Park! #NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) June 20, 2017