Year: 2017

Meet the Staff!

Survivalism with Dr. Fereidoon Parsioon

#NSLCHEAL students take on survivalism as they help plane crash victims — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) July 8, 2017

Product Pitch Presentations

Warming up for product pitch with former business TA Becca Shepard! #NSLCBUSI #SHARKTANK — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 8, 2017

Sea Perch Testing

#NSLCENGN tests what they’ve built all week, soldering, designing, waterproofing and #engineering in #berkeley — NSLC at UCB (@NSLCatUCB) July 8, 2017

Boeringer Ingelheim

Great morning at Boehringer Ingelheim today! Pt. 2 #NSLCENGN — UCB NSLC Engineering (@UCB_NSLC_ENGN) July 7, 2017 Great morning at Boeringer Ingelheim […]

Optometry School Visit

Starting our morning off at the Optometry School! #NSLCHEAL — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) July 7, 2017 👁 spy #NSLCHEAL students […]

The Business of Baseball at AT&T Stadium

Students learning more about the business side of baseball⚾️#NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 7, 2017 The tour at AT&T stadium was […]

Drilling Burr Holes

Second group learning how to drill skulls with Dr. P #futuresurgeons #NSLCHEAL — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) July 7, 2017 The […]

Wind Turbine Testing

Fisherman’s Wharf Visit

We couldn’t find anyone fishing but the students had a blast at Fishermen’s Wharf!!! #NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 6, 2017