Year: 2018

Bionic Design

This morning, our Biotechnology students learned how to make a clenching, mechanical arm using computer code and some wiring! Check out more photos […]

Suturing with Dr. Cindy Chang

Our Medicine & Health Care students learned simple sutures yesterday from our resident physician Dr. Cindy Chang! Check out more photos from the […]


Our Engineering students participated in a set of engineering rotations, where they learned how to build a wind turbine, how to start programming, […]

Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI)

Today our Biotechnology students visited the Joint BioEnergy Institute to learn about renewable energy research that focuses on energy generated from biomass. Watch […]

Soft Casting with Dr. Cindy Chang

Soft casting with our resident physician Dr. Cindy Chang was a huge success last night with our Medicine & Health Care students! For […]

Dr. Cindy Chang Lecture and Ultrasound Demo

Our Medicine & Health Care students got a hands-on learning lecture and demonstration this morning from our resident physician Dr. Cindy Chang. Hear […]

Monday, July 16, 2018

A big welcome to all of our students who arrived yesterday for our fourth session of NSLC for the summer at UC-Berkeley! All […]

Session 4

A big welcome to our new Biotechnology, Engineering, and Medicine & Health Care staffs! We’re all so excited to spend the next 9 […]

Product Pitch Presentations

Congratulations to our Engineering students on presenting their product pitches to our panel of Team Advisor judges this afternoon! View all of the […]

Final TA Group Photos

Congratulations to our Medicine & Health Care students on a successful round of final presentations! View our collection of TA group photos in […]