Month: June 2023

Final TA Group meeting and Group Pictures!

Today in an emotional goodbye, TA groups met for the last time! Students took group pictures to commemorate their journey here at NSLC! […]

Welcome to the Intel Museum!

Yesterday, students in the Engineering program went on a field trip to the Intel Museum in San Francisco! Students were able to freely […]

Medical Ethics Discussion!

Today students in the Medicine & Healthcare program went through a series of scenarios revolving around the ethics of healthcare! Students engaged in […]

Pitch Presentation!

Today, students in the Business & Entrepreneurship program pitched their idea in their groups after working on them all week. In a makeshift […]

Mental Health Presentations!

It’s presentation time! Students presented their presentation giving deep insight into different mental illnesses. Students also created an educational video regarding their chosen […]

Sea Perch Competition!

Today students in the Engineering group finally got to put their creations into action! After putting their sea perch into the water, students […]

Clinical Diagnostics Session 3!

Today students in Medicine and Healthcare program had their final appointment where they communicated a treatment plan to their patient. Afterward, the doctors […]

Guest Speaker: Erik Juhl

Today students in the Business and Entrepreneurship program attended a lecture from Mr. Erik Juhl about entrepreneurship. Students learned about the ins and […]

Field Trip to de Young Museum!

Today students in the Psychology and Neuroscience program went on a field trip to the famous de Young Museum in San Francisco! Click […]

Its Presentation Time! Stakeholder Board Meeting!

It’s time to present! Students today presented as a board of directors for a large corporation. Afterward, staff members acted as the press […]