Category: Biotechnology

Session 2 Recap Video

Myoelectric Arm

Today the Biotech students created a rudimentary prosthetic arm that is operated via the electrical impulses of their own arms. This is always […]

Nonfiction Design Field Trip

Yesterday our biotech students had an amazing opportunity to visit the offices of Nonfiction Design, “an award-winning creative studio specializing in industrial design, […]

Biotech Expo

Biotechnology is a field that encompasses many and varied possibilities for study and careers. Our students got a taste of this today as […]

Dr. Prashanth Asuri

Guest lecturer Dr. Prashanth Asuri spoke with the Biotechnology students this morning on the importance of collaboration with industry partners when it comes […]

Leadership Series

The Biotechnology students had another session in their leadership series with Mr. Mike Walsh, our leadership facilitator. The students really connected with this […]

CAD & 3D Modeling

Our TAs led a session where the students learned the fundamentals of Computer-aided Design using the Autodesk program Tinkercad. They utilized the software […]

Product Pitch

The Biotech students are hard at work on their product pitch projects and presentations. Although they’ve just begun the research phase of designing […]

Gladstone Institute Field Trip

Today our Biotechnology students visited The Gladstone Institute to learn about research, career paths, and particular research projects being pursued by some of […]

Departure Day

The time has come for all the BIOT students to return home; thank you for amazing nine days! The last few hours on […]