Category: Engineering

Product Pitch Presentation

Today, EGNG students finally presented the products they have been working on all session! Each TA group created a presentation showcasing their product […]

VIDEO | Robot Car Competition

Today, ENGN students participated in a robot car competition! They were tasked to code their line following cars to complete various levels of […]

Field Trip: Intel Museum

Today, ENGN students visited the Intel Museum in Santa Clara! The museum contains an automated silicon chip factory and a bunch of interactive […]

VIDEO | Trebuchet Build

This afternoon, ENGN students learned how to build a trebuchet! After making their own, they got to test them out; see how they […]

Lecture Series: Mr. Pallav Agrawal

Today, the Engineering students heard from Mr. Pallav Agrawal, data scientist for Levi Strauss & Co and a Human Centered Design thinking coach. […]

VIDEO | Engineering Skill Rotations

Today, the ENGN students rotated through four sections learning some of the different facets of engineering. These included: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Python […]

Commitment in Action

Today, the ENGN students began their day with a leadership session lead by Mr. Mike Walsh! They learned what it means to be […]

Opening Ceremony

Engineering students at Opening Ceremony! Students met with their TA groups for the first time in the courtyard and then made their way […]

Sea Perch/RC Car Competition

Last night our Engineering students competed in one of their final group activities: the Sea Perch/RC Car competition! All week, our students have […]

Levi’s Stadium

Our Engineering students got a tour of Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, yesterday morning! In addition to seeing the museum […]