Category: Engineering

Project Development

The Engineering students have been hard at work – designing, developing and perfecting their various projects. Each group has divided the responsibilities up […]

Leadership Series + More Skills Rotations

The students continued their engineering basics learning with a second round of skills rotations where their groups worked on those sections they didn’t […]

Field Trips!

Yesterday, our Engineering students had a very busy day in San Jose – going from The Tech Interactive, to San Pedro Square for […]

Engineering Skills Rotations

Today our Engineering students started their rotations, where they began learning skills that will benefit them in their projects to come including CAD, […]


The students have continued their work on their various robotics projects. Tonight they will compete in the first of the to evaluate their […]

Robotics – RC Car, Sea Perch, Line Follow Car

RC Car, Sea Perch and Follow Car, Oh my! Our Engineering students here at Berkeley have begun work on many of their main […]

Engineering Skills Lab

Yesterday, our Engineering students rotated through various engineering skills labs learning soldering, mechanical drawing, CAD, Bread Boxing, and Programming. For most of the […]

VIDEO | Reflecting on Session Two

The end of session two has finally arrived, and we are so sad to see the ENGN students go! It’s been an incredible […]

Line Following Car Race

Today, ENGN students tested their line following cars! Each group coded their cars to follow a line with curves and sharp turns. The […]

VIDEO | Sea Perch Competition

Today, ENGN students tested their sea perches! The goal was to build a device that would work well in the water, float, and […]