Category: Engineering

The Tech Interactive

Today, ENGN students took a field trip to the Tech Interactive in San Jose! They got to play around with some new and […]

Wind Turbines

This morning, ENGN students built wind turbines! They were given a budget to purchase typical household materials, and then only an hour to […]


This afternoon, the ENGN students built trebuchets in only two hours! They thenĀ  competed against each other to see which group’s trebuchet performed […]

VIDEO | Mr. Rod Begbie and Product Ideation

Today, ENGN students got their creativity flowing with product ideation and creativity, followed by a lecture given by Rod Begbie. Mr. Begbie is […]

Electrical Engineering Tools

Today, ENGN students got to practice using some electrical engineering tools! They learned how to solder and how to construct circuits on a […]

Campus Tour

Upon their arrival, students went on a tour of campus! Stops on the tour included Sather Gate, a famous UC Berkeley landmark; click […]

VIDEO | Reflecting on Session One

As session one comes to a close, hear some ENGN students and a Team Advisor reflect on their experience at the NSLC!   […]

Product Pitch Presentation

Today, EGNG students finally presented the products they have been working on all session! Each TA group created a presentation showcasing their product […]

VIDEO | Robot Car Competition

Today, ENGN students participated in a robot car competition! They were tasked to code their line following cars to complete various levels of […]

Field Trip: Intel Museum

Today, ENGN students visited the Intel Museum in Santa Clara! The museum contains an automated silicon chip factory and a bunch of interactive […]