Category: Biotechnology

Skyline College Labs

Today, the BIOT students visited Skyline College and did some labs! After and introductory lecture from Professor Cachianes, they did Agarose Gel Electrophorese […]

VIDEO | Gladstone Institutes

Today, BIOT visited the Gladstone Research Institutes! Two researchers spoke to them about the exciting, new medical research they are conducting! Watch the […]

Myoelectric Arm

Today, BIOT students built a myolelevtric arm! They hooked up electrodes to their arms, and coded a program that allowed movement in their […]

VIDEO | Roboroach

Today, the BIOT students got to perform surgery on live roaches! The goal was to place electrodes inside the cockroach without harming it […]

Biotechnology Expo

Today, the BIOT students got to explore the many different areas of biotechnology! They swapped through rotations, and in each they did a […]

VIDEO | Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

Today, the BIOT students built dye sensitized solar cells! They then got to test them out with artificial and natural light; watch the […]

VIDEO | Registration Day

A big welcome to our Biotech students! Today was registration day; students checked in, met their roommates, and met their TAs! Watch the […]

Biotech Incubator Presentations

Congratulations to our Biotechnology students for presenting their Biotech Incubator projects to their peers and Team Advisors today!!

DNA Extraction

Today our Biotechnology students learned how to extract DNA from strawberries, using household products like dish detergent and rubbing alcohol! Check out all […]

Roboroach Activity

Today our Biotechnology students began their Roboroach activity, in which the students perform ‘surgery’ on a real-life cockroach!! The goal is to be […]