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Biotech Expo

Yesterday, our Biotechnology students completed a series of rotations led by their Team Advisors, in which the students completed a set of mini […]

Skyline Labs

Our Biotechnology students have been in lab for the last 3 days, learning about the cell at the molecular level and conducting their […]

Skyline Labs

Today our Biotechnology students continued their lab-learning activities at Skyline College, where they performed experiments using agarose gel electrophoresis and learned crime scene […]

Gladstone Institutes

Yesterday our Biotechnology students heard from scientists at the Gladstone Institutes about the typical scientific research process after one’s undergraduate education, and learned […]

Bionic Design

This morning, our Biotechnology students learned how to make a clenching, mechanical arm using computer code and some wiring! Check out more photos […]

Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI)

Today our Biotechnology students visited the Joint BioEnergy Institute to learn about renewable energy research that focuses on energy generated from biomass. Watch […]

RoboRoach Update

Four roaches were tested and all 4 were successful! Congratulations to cockroaches Steve, Bobrie, and Alex Murphy for undergoing successful surgeries! #NSLCBIOT […]

In The Lab

#NSLCBIOT students loading their agarose gels — NSLC BIOT at UCB (@NSLC_BIOT_UCB) July 29, 2017


Fort Miley Ropes Course