Category: Business and Entrepreneurship

VIDEO | Field Trip: Oracle Park

Today, the BUSI students went to Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants! They got a private tour of the ballpark, went […]

Negotiation Lab

This morning, BUSI┬ástudents participated in a negotiation lab. Students were split up into different interest groups arguing for and against the opening of […]

Lecture Series: Dr. Carrie Colbert

The Business and Entrepreneurship students heard from Dr. Carrie Colbert, a professor and marketing management professional who has held senior level positions at […]

Product Pitch Simulation

Today, the BUSI students participated in the first part of a product pitch simulation: ideation. In this first step, they think of the […]

VIDEO | Public Speaking Leadership Lab

Today, Business and Entrepreneurship students participated in a Leadership in Business Lab focused on public speaking. They learned the tips and tricks of […]

Campus Tour

Upon their arrival, BUSI students went on a tour of our site here at Berkeley along with students from our two other programs! […]

Photos Update

Success! All of our product pitch photos are available on our Flickr album now! Check here for all the uploads.

Product Pitch Presentations

Uploading to Flickr accounts is down across the Internet, but we still have photos of Business & Entrepreneurship students presenting at their final […]

Guest Speaker Lina Scroggins from Google

Our Business & Entrepreneurship students heard from Lina Scroggins, a program manager at Google, about her journey to one of the biggest tech […]

Guest Speaker Sarah Bucher from Facebook

Our Business & Entrepreneurship students heard from guest speaker Sarah Bucher, a product specialist at Facebook, about her journey from engineering in undergraduate […]