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Each student had the opportunity to dissect both a cow eye and a sheep heart, through the direction of their TAs. The cow […]

UC Berkeley School of Optometry

One of many field trips our HEAL students have had the chance to take over the past few days, today they went to […]

Short Arm Soft Cast

Don’t worry parents, no broken arms here! Our Medicine and Healthcare students were just working with Dr. Chang, learning the skill of soft […]

Clinical Diagnostics

Our Healthcare and Medicine students here at UC Berkeley participated in a Clinical Diagnostic Simulation where they did rounds as a team on […]

HEAL Program Recap Video

Suturing and Clinical Diagnostics

Our doctors and medical professionals in training here at Berkeley continued working with Dr. Grabbel working on surgical techniques. Additionally, over the past […]

Surgical Skills with Dr. Reid Haffely

The students have been continuing their Surgical Skills Rotations, continuing to learn new skills such as suturing and biopsies alongside their leadership development […]

Medical Simulation Laboratory – Surgical Skills

Today the Medicine and Healthcare Students worked on multiple surgical skills during their surgical rotations. They were able to use the same tools […]

Medical Ethics Debate

Today, the HEAL students had their medical ethics debate! Each TA group represented a patient who needs the last available ventilator in a […]

Suturing with Dr. Chang

Today, the HEAL students learned how to suture! Dr. Chang guided the students through two types of sutures: interrupted and continuous! Click on […]