Category: High School Programs

Exploratorium Field Trip

Today our students in the Psychology and Neuroscience Program thoroughly enjoyed San Francisco’s local science museum, the Exploratorium, which hosted exhibits on many […]

Robotics – RC Car, Sea Perch, Line Follow Car

RC Car, Sea Perch and Follow Car, Oh my! Our Engineering students here at Berkeley have begun work on many of their main […]

Surgical Skills with Dr. Reid Haffely

The students have been continuing their Surgical Skills Rotations, continuing to learn new skills such as suturing and biopsies alongside their leadership development […]

Social Media Madness

Last night the students participated in Social Media Madness, a fun, fast-paced activity that required them to consider a company’s relationship to the […]

Vertebra and Brain Dissections

Yesterday, the students performed their second round of dissections, this time on sheep brains and cow vertebra. In the sheep brain dissection students […]

Product Pitch Ideation

At product pitch ideation the students collaborated with their TA groups to create a product, service, establishment, or app that would solve an […]

Cow Eye Dissections

Yesterday many of the Psychology and Neuroscience students got to perform their first ever dissection! Even for those students who have had the […]

Engineering Skills Lab

Yesterday, our Engineering students rotated through various engineering skills labs learning soldering, mechanical drawing, CAD, Bread Boxing, and Programming. For most of the […]

Medical Simulation Laboratory – Surgical Skills

Today the Medicine and Healthcare Students worked on multiple surgical skills during their surgical rotations. They were able to use the same tools […]

Reflecting on the Session

Today was the last day of the COMM program! Thank you for amazing nine days, and safe travels back home! Listen to students […]