Category: Biotechnology

Biotech Incubator Presentations

Congratulations to our Biotechnology students for presenting their Biotech Incubator projects to their peers and Team Advisors today!!

DNA Extraction

Today our Biotechnology students learned how to extract DNA from strawberries, using household products like dish detergent and rubbing alcohol! Check out all […]

Roboroach Activity

Today our Biotechnology students began their Roboroach activity, in which the students perform ‘surgery’ on a real-life cockroach!! The goal is to be […]

Biotech Expo

Yesterday, our Biotechnology students completed a series of rotations led by their Team Advisors, in which the students completed a set of mini […]

Skyline Labs

Our Biotechnology students have been in lab for the last 3 days, learning about the cell at the molecular level and conducting their […]

Skyline Labs

Today our Biotechnology students continued their lab-learning activities at Skyline College, where they performed experiments using agarose gel electrophoresis and learned crime scene […]

Gladstone Institutes

Yesterday our Biotechnology students heard from scientists at the Gladstone Institutes about the typical scientific research process after one’s undergraduate education, and learned […]

Bionic Design

This morning, our Biotechnology students learned how to make a clenching, mechanical arm using computer code and some wiring! Check out more photos […]

Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI)

Today our Biotechnology students visited the Joint BioEnergy Institute to learn about renewable energy research that focuses on energy generated from biomass. Watch […]

RoboRoach Update

Four roaches were tested and all 4 were successful! Congratulations to cockroaches Steve, Bobrie, and Alex Murphy for undergoing successful surgeries! #NSLCBIOT […]