The Psychology of Group Dynamics

Today, the COMM students had a leadership workshop with Mr. Mike Walsh, our leadership facilitator! They learned about group dynamics through a decision […]

VIDEO | Newsroom Simulation

Today, the COMM students had their newsroom simulation! In this activity, students act as a news organization covering a national crisis as it […]

Soft Casting

Today, the HEAL students learned how to soft cast! Dr. Chang taught them the proper way to wrap a short cast, and then […]

Making Polymers

Today, the EINT students made polymers, AKA slime! They tried different ingredient ratios to make a stretchy slime and a bouncy slime. Then, […]


This morning, the BIOT students had their roboroach activity! They perform surgery on live roaches and attach electrodes to them. The goal is […]

VIDEO | How to Save a Life

Today, Dr. Chang and the TA’s taught the HEAL students how to save a life! They went over CPR, chest compressions, and how […]

Engineering Ethics Presentations

Today, the EINT students had their ethics presentations! Each group chose an ethical debate or problem within the engineering field, and made an […]

Field Trip: Angel Island

The COMM students spent their day at Angel Island! They broke off into their different classes and worked on projects around the island, […]

Introduction to Breadboarding

Today, the BIOT students had a lesson on breadboarding! They learned some basic wiring skills that they could apply to their other projects! […]

VIDEO | 48 Second Film Festival

Today, the COMM students had their 48 Second Film Festival! After spending last evening filming and editing, today they all got to watch […]