Wind Turbine Contruction

Today, students in the Engineering program worked in their TA groups to construct a wind turbine with budget constraints! Click here to see […]

Rotation Cycle!

Today, students in the Engineering program participated in their second rotation cycle! Students continued to learn Arduino coding game design, practiced architectural design, […]

Its time for Dissections!

It’s time for dissections! Students in the Medicine & Healthcare program practiced dissecting sheep hearts and cow eyes. TAs demonstrated the dissection techniques […]

Guest Speaker: Ms. Francesca Lane

Today, students in the Psychology & Neuroscience program attended a lecture given by marriage and family therapist, Ms. Francesca Lane. In a Q&A […]

Field Trip to School of Optometry

Today, students in the Medicine & Healthcare program went on a quick trip to the School of Optometry at UC Berkeley! Students attended […]

Guest Speaker: Dr Hayley Lam

Today, students in the Biotechnology program attended a lecture given by guest speaker Dr. Hayley Lam. Dr. Lam is a senior science officer […]

Psychology Workshop!

TAs presented and talked about developmental psychology going into depth about nature vs nurture. Also, a presentation was given on the different types […]

First Clinical Diagnostic Session!

Today students in the Medicine and Health Care program practiced giving clinical diagnostics in a mock doctor’s office! Staff acted as patients whilst […]

Engineering Rotation Cycle!

Welcome to the Engineering Program! Today, students gained hands-on experience in CAD rotating between programming, 3D modeling, soldering, and breadboarding! Staff members demonstrated […]

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Activity!

BIOT students created dye-sensitized solar cells and powered them with solar energy! They learned more about renewable energy sources and simple methods to […]