Leadership, RC Car and Trebuchet Construction

Students learn about different leadership “animal” types #NSLCENGN pic.twitter.com/DMF3UAsxOX — UCB NSLC Engineering (@UCB_NSLC_ENGN) July 4, 2017 #NSLCENGN Teams jump right into project […]

Medical Rotations

Just saving some lives today at #NSLCHEAL pic.twitter.com/YAnoTkU59B — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) July 3, 2017

Ropes Course, 2017 Session 2

Having a blast at the ropes course! #NSLCBUSI https://t.co/VMAOYNK0S5 — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 3, 2017 https://t.co/hEN2TS7Yef — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 3, […]

Fashion Show, Session 2

The Fashion Show has begun for the @UCB_NSLC_BUSI 2nd session. pic.twitter.com/28y2MBmgxY — Dr. C (@DoctorColbert) July 3, 2017 Students are getting creative with […]

Leadership with Mike Walsh

These students are embracing their inner peacocks!!! #NSLCHEAL pic.twitter.com/wL2i9b8MDY — NSLC HEAL @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_HEAL) July 3, 2017 Learning about personality traits to […]

2017 Session 2 Takes the Rope Course

#NSLCENGN At the ropes course! https://t.co/ULeDMoq8of — UCB NSLC Engineering (@UCB_NSLC_ENGN) July 3, 2017 Team “Land lords” enjoy their first few hours at […]


When your soldering skill fails you, just try some tapes. @NSLCatUCB pic.twitter.com/lFgFOOew1N — Kylen Xin Li (@l_kylenxin) July 3, 2017

Communication with Dr. Carrie Colbert

The Art of Negotiation with Dr. Paul Lisnek

Introduction to Business

Second session is off to a great start! Can’t wait see them use the skills learned by Dr. C in the product pitch […]