Category: Business and Entrepreneurship

Product Pitch Presentations

Warming up for product pitch with former business TA Becca Shepard! #NSLCBUSI #SHARKTANK — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 8, 2017

The Business of Baseball at AT&T Stadium

Students learning more about the business side of baseball⚾️#NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 7, 2017 The tour at AT&T stadium was […]

Fisherman’s Wharf Visit

We couldn’t find anyone fishing but the students had a blast at Fishermen’s Wharf!!! #NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 6, 2017

Uber’s Pallav Agrawal on failure and communcation

Hass School of Business Meeting

Great lecture this morning on the Haas School of Business! Getting the students excited for the future!!#NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July […]

Pier 39 and San Francisco Visit

#NSLCBUSI takes the classic team picture in front of the mural! — NSLC BUSI @ UCB (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 5, 2017 #NSLCBUSI Having […]

Product Pitch Preparations

#NSLCBUSI students designing a business plan for their product pitch! — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 5, 2017

Business Simulation

Management team simulation week 2 is underway and there’s a lot to discuss!!! #NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 4, 2017

Ropes Course, 2017 Session 2

Having a blast at the ropes course! #NSLCBUSI — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 3, 2017 — NSLC Business (@UCB_NSLC_BUSI) July 3, […]

Fashion Show, Session 2

The Fashion Show has begun for the @UCB_NSLC_BUSI 2nd session. — Dr. C (@DoctorColbert) July 3, 2017 Students are getting creative with […]