Category: Psychology & Neuroscience

Guest Speakers + Psych Workshops

Today our psychology students had the chance to hear a lecture from Ellen Zippi, a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley who studies Deep […]

Clinical Diagnostics

Lots of lab coats around campus today, with our Psychology and Neuroscience program starting their Clinical Diagnostics rounds. During this activity our TAs […]

More Dissections!

The smell of formaldehyde is in the air! The Berkeley Psychology and Neuroscience students have continued their investigations into anatomy and how physiology […]

Exploratorium Field Trip

Today our students in the Psychology and Neuroscience Program thoroughly enjoyed San Francisco’s local science museum, the Exploratorium, which hosted exhibits on many […]

Vertebra and Brain Dissections

Yesterday, the students performed their second round of dissections, this time on sheep brains and cow vertebra. In the sheep brain dissection students […]

Cow Eye Dissections

Yesterday many of the Psychology and Neuroscience students got to perform their first ever dissection! Even for those students who have had the […]