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Surgical Skills with Dr. Reid Haffely

The students have been continuing their Surgical Skills Rotations, continuing to learn new skills such as suturing and biopsies alongside their leadership development […]

Soft Casting with Dr. Chang

Today, the HEAL students learned how to soft cast! Dr. Chang taught the students the correct way to cut and wrap the cast […]

VIDEO | Trebuchet Build

This afternoon, ENGN students learned how to build a trebuchet! After making their own, they got to test them out; see how they […]

VIDEO | Medical Simulation: Clinical Rounds

This afternoon, HEAL students participated in a simulation where they rotated through four stations that allowed them to practice different types of medicine. […]

Lecture Series: Dr. Carrie Colbert

The Business and Entrepreneurship students heard from Dr. Carrie Colbert, a professor and marketing management professional who has held senior level positions at […]

VIDEO | Engineering Skill Rotations

Today, the ENGN students rotated through four sections learning some of the different facets of engineering. These included: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Python […]

Product Pitch Simulation

Today, the BUSI students participated in the first part of a product pitch simulation: ideation. In this first step, they think of the […]

July 20, 2018

Biotechnology: Roboroach Activity; Skyline Labs Day #1; Leadership Series “Communication, Dialogue, and Discussion” Engineering: Autodesk Facility Visit; Pier 39 Field Trip; Minute To […]

Sunday, July 30

Biotechnology: ELISA Protein Assay, Biotech Incubator, Biotech Movie/Discussion Engineering: Leadership Series, Project Development, Fisherman’s Wharf Journalism, Film & Media Arts: Communication Class, Fisherman’s Wharf, Leadership Series […]

RC Car Testing and Trebuchet Build

#NSLCENGN enjoyed some success today testing RC cars! — UCB NSLC Engineering (@UCB_NSLC_ENGN) June 26, 2017 Trebuchet competition calls for productive team […]