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Reflecting on the Session

Today was the last day of the COMM program! Thank you for amazing nine days, and safe travels back home! Listen to students […]

Final Presentations

Today, the COMM students had their final presentations! All the students presented the pieces they have been working on all session in their […]

The Psychology of Group Dynamics

Today, the COMM students had a leadership workshop with Mr. Mike Walsh, our leadership facilitator! They learned about group dynamics through a decision […]

VIDEO | Newsroom Simulation

Today, the COMM students had their newsroom simulation! In this activity, students act as a news organization covering a national crisis as it […]

Field Trip: Angel Island

The COMM students spent their day at Angel Island! They broke off into their different classes and worked on projects around the island, […]

VIDEO | 48 Second Film Festival

Today, the COMM students had their 48 Second Film Festival! After spending last evening filming and editing, today they all got to watch […]

Communication Workshops

Today, the COMM students had their communication workshops! In these sessions, they focus on key communication skills like public speaking, interviewing, public relations, […]

The Cinematic Experience

Today, COMM students recreated iconic movie scenes! They learned how different shots, lighting, and music can change an entire scene’s tone and message. […]

Registration Day

Today, the COMM students arrived on site! They got registered, met their roommates, and settled in on campus! We are so excited for […]

Final TA Group Presentations

Congratulations to our Journalism, Film & Media Arts students on completing their final projects today!!