Category: Engineering Intensive

Closing Ceremony

The Engineering Intensive program has come to an end! To finish an amazing 18 days, students attended the closing ceremony, where they found […]

VIDEO | Chemical Engineering Rotations

The EINT students had their chemical engineering rotations! There were four stations: making batteries, piezoelectric generator, dye sensitized solar cell, and designing pill […]

Architecture Model Presentations

Today, the EINT students had their architecture model presentations! Each group designed a house for people with certain preferences and accommodations. They then […]

Making Polymers

Today, the EINT students made polymers, AKA slime! They tried different ingredient ratios to make a stretchy slime and a bouncy slime. Then, […]

Engineering Ethics Presentations

Today, the EINT students had their ethics presentations! Each group chose an ethical debate or problem within the engineering field, and made an […]

Water Filtration and Delivery

Today, the EINT students continued their civil engineering unit! They were challenged to design two different systems: one for water delivery and one […]

Engineering Challenge: Structures

Today, the EINT students learned about civil engineering! After listening to a lecture, they were tasked to build the tallest structure they could […]

Minute to Win It

Today, the EINT students played Minute to Win It! In this activity, the TA groups compete against each other in timed challenges! Click […]

VIDEO | Improving Packaging

Today, the EINT students did an activity called Improving Packaging! This activity consisted of an egg drop competition, and each team had to […]

VIDEO | Biomedical Engineering Rotations

Today, the EINT students explored the biomedical engineering field! They went through two rotations: bioinstrumentation, where they coded an Arduino ECG and biomechanics, […]