Category: Engineering Intensive

RC Car Competition

This morning, the EINT students had their remote control car competition! Over the past few days, they¬† designed and built their own cars, […]

Facility Visit: LBNL Cyclotron

Today, the EINT students visited the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory! They heard about nuclear engineering from Dr. Lee Bernstein and got to tour […]

VIDEO | Trebuchets and Catapults

Today, the EINT students built trebuchets and catapults! Each group built their own, and then competed against each other to see who’s design […]

Marble Coasters

Today, the EINT students built marble coasters! After coming up with a design, they built the coasters out of pipes and cardboard. The […]

Beakman Motor

Today, EINT students built Beakman motors! The motor is made of simple materials like rubber bands and paper clips, and rely on magnetism! […]

VIDEO | Computer Engineering Skills

Today, the EINT students learned some fundamental engineering computer skills! These included Arduino, Python, and Digital Logic; watch the video below to see […]

Challenge Course

Today, the EINT students went to the Fort Miley Challenge Course! They zip lined, climbed, and ran together to work on teamwork and […]

Registration Day

Today is officially day one of our Engineering Intensive program! Today, students arrived and began their 18 day journey; click on the photos […]