Category: Medicine & Health Care


Today, the HEAL students dissected sheep hearts and cow eyes! They cut into the organs and learned to identify all the main structures; […]

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students completed their Clinical Diagnostics simulation today! In this activity, the all the TA’s act out different illnesses, and the students must […]

VIDEO | Clinical Rounds

Today, students had their Clinical Rounds activity! They rotated through four different stations, each one centered around a different aspect of the medicine […]

Tech Museum of Innovation

Today, HEAL students went to the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose! They were able to play around with medical technologies and […]

VIDEO | Medical Lecture Series: Dr. Akilah Cadet

Today, HEAL students heard from Dr. Akilah Cadet, the founder of Change Cadet, a consulting firm that helps to promote diversity in the […]

Medical Lecture Series: Dr. David Elkin

This morning, HEAL students heard from Dr. David Elkin, Clinical Professor of Psychology at UC San Francisco. They discussed medical ethics, and reviewed […]

Campus Tour

Upon arrival today, HEAL students took a tour of campus, and they got to even got to see the famous UC Berkeley landmark, […]

Closing Ceremony

To end the session, HEAL students had their closing ceremony! They got to look back on their time here and say their final […]

The UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Today, HEAL students heard from UC Berkeley Optometry students! They learned about the eye, vision, and optical illusions. They also visited the school […]

Soft Casting with Dr. Chang

Today, the HEAL students learned how to soft cast! Dr. Chang taught the students the correct way to cut and wrap the cast […]