Category: Medicine & Health Care

VIDEO | Dissections

Today, HEAL students dissected cow eyeballs and sheep hearts! They learned about the organs’ different structures and identified them! Watch them in action […]

Medical Ethics Debate Practice

Today, HEAL students prepared for their medical ethics debate! The premise: a hospital only has 1 ventilator left and 7 deathly ill patients […]

VIDEO | Commitment in Action

Today, HEAL students had a leadership workshop with Mr. Mike Walsh, our leadership facilitator. Mr. Walsh made the students step out of their […]

Lecture Series: Dr. Cindy Chang

Today, Dr. Chang spoke to the HEAL students about different types of imaging and how to identify injuries! She then did an ultrasound […]

VIDEO | Public Health Activity

This morning, HEAL students learned about public health and then put their new knowledge into practice. With only an hour and 10,000 dollars, […]

Opening Ceremony

To kick things off, HEAL students attended opening ceremony! They met their TA groups for the first time and met all the program […]

VIDEO | Value of the NSLC Experience

We’re so sad session one is over, but can’t wait for what the future brings! Listen to HEAL guest speaker, Dr. David Elkin, […]

VIDEO | Public Health Presentations

Throughout the session, HEAL students have been working on their public health projects, and today was finally presentation day! Each group picked a […]

Soft Casting

Today, the HEAL students had another medical lab with Dr. Chang, but this time they learned how to soft cast! After a quick […]


Today, HEAL students learned how to suture! Dr. Chang led them through a demonstration, and then they got to try it out on […]