Category: High School Programs

VIDEO | Registration Day

A big welcome to our Biotech students! Today was registration day; students checked in, met their roommates, and met their TAs! Watch the […]

Campus Tour

Upon arrival today, HEAL students took a tour of campus, and they got to even got to see the famous UC Berkeley landmark, […]

VIDEO | Reflecting on Session Two

The end of session two has finally arrived, and we are so sad to see the ENGN students go! It’s been an incredible […]

Closing Ceremony

To end the session, HEAL students had their closing ceremony! They got to look back on their time here and say their final […]

Departure Day

Today is the final day of session two! Unfortunately, it is time for the BUSI students to head home; thank you for an […]

VIDEO | Product Pitch Presentations

Today, the BUSI students finally presented their products! In Shark Tank style, students pitched their new and innovative products to “investors” (the TAs) […]

Line Following Car Race

Today, ENGN students tested their line following cars! Each group coded their cars to follow a line with curves and sharp turns. The […]

The UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Today, HEAL students heard from UC Berkeley Optometry students! They learned about the eye, vision, and optical illusions. They also visited the school […]

VIDEO | Sea Perch Competition

Today, ENGN students tested their sea perches! The goal was to build a device that would work well in the water, float, and […]

College Panel

BUSI students got to ask their TAs about all things college; they talked about academics, campus life, careers, and more! Click on the […]